How To Clean Blush Brush : How To Clean Allure Flooring.

How To Clean Blush Brush

how to clean blush brush

    how to
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Whispering to Damian 5 28 09

Whispering to Damian 5 28 09

Jaina Lefevre comes skipping up and slows when she sees Rivers' got company...

River Grau is being held by Saki as her and Damian made shallow threats to eachother. He looked over at Jaina and waved, seeing her skip down the road.

Chisaki Nakajima chuckles as she heads off with River. "serpent indeed...wish i had some critter ridder"

Jaina Lefevre watches Saki go and River and then looks back at the mayor. She slows and stops in front of him, staring up at him and swaying back and forth.

River Grau waves again as he is taken away.

Jaina Lefevre is cleaner than the last time he saw her. And not quite as pale. And new clothes.

Damian Rigaud looks at the little girl... albeit slightly uncomfortable "Hello.. " it takes a moment to relize this was the girl that he saw on the street a few ddays earlier.. and cost him some snake skin boots "Oh.. its you.. feeling better..?"

Celia Obviate glances up looking at the girl, sweeping her gaze from the ground where it was, her eyes are smiling slightly but the depths are showing only a glimmer of hope that this interaction will be better than the last

Jaina Lefevre grins slowly at him, nodding. "Uh huh. Did you wash your boots?" She glances at the lady, then at Damian again. "You change your boots...and your lady?"

River Grau watches the little group since Saki stops, wiggling in her arms. It's his friend Jaina. He didn't really want to be taken away.

Damian Rigaud smiles "My other 'lady' sent them out to be cleaned.. "

Celia Obviate laughs a little, blushing at the the girls suggestion as she shakes her head starting to speak before she hear damian start to speak over her

Jaina Lefevre nods. "Tha's good. I got new stuffs too. What's your name? I knowed you're may-ore..."

River Grau runs back over as Saki lets him down since she has other business to take care of. He runs down the road, yelling. "I AM FREEEEE." The boy really didn't like when people told him what to do. And in protest to that, he stops right by Damian again.. who she said specifically not to go near. "Hi Jaina."

Damian Rigaud grimances slightly wanting to leave this conversation "Damian.."

Jaina Lefevre grins at River. "Hi Rivers." She looks at Damian. "I'm Jaina. I wants to say sorries for bein' sick on your boots and thankyouse for helpin' me get betters." She digs in her pocket and pulls out a clear blue bit of seaglass, polished smooth and steps closer to hand it to him. "It's a present. My new mommies say I should say thank youse to everyone."

Damian Rigaud blinks ... his expression one of mute suprise as he stares at the bauble in the childs hand "You are giving this to me..?"

Celia Obviate watches this interaction take place with a pleasant smile, very much more satisfied with this result as opposed to the other

Damian Rigaud he asks in a quiet voice

Celia Obviate she laughs softly and looks from the little girl to him "...yes, I do believe she is"

River Grau looks over at the bit of sea glass, muttering. "You ain't give -me- any sea glass for takin' you 'way from the gun.."

Jaina Lefevre nods to Damian. "I giveded one to God too, 'cause he gave me what I askeded for." Yes, Damian has the same present GOD has. "I finds them and they is special, so's I saves them for special." She glances at River "That's cause you made funs of me after."

Damian Rigaud reaches out with his worn dark hand .. his palm opened facing up

River Grau makes a face at Jaina. He did make fun, a few times, but he helped and that was what counts. Grumble grumble.

Celia Obviate she smiles at her boss, watching his face intently and then glancing at the little girl with pleased and slightly grateful eyes and she sweeps her gaze back to the boy with a soft laugh

Jaina Lefevre puts the polished bit of what was likely an old wine bottle, into Damian's hand, about the size of a man's watch face, if it were rounded. Her hand shifts to curl his fingers around it a little and she smiles up at him, eyes glinting. "You keeps it safe, right?"

Damian Rigaud nods and responds quietly "I will keep it safe.. "

Leigh Parx (Kayleigh Jigsaw) stopped in her tracks and turned on her heel. She'd seen the mayor and heard rumors of him being trouble. She pivoted on her heel. "Up to you if you wanna follow, I'm checkin on a new friend." River had said something last night about people wanting to beat him up and stuff. She made her way back towards the little group.

Jaina Lefevre keeps her hand on Damian's a moment and leans in to 'whisper' to him. "You tells my mommies I said thanks you?"

Damian Rigaud nods "I will .." he responds in a soft voice

Elyssa McAlpine is confused, to say the least, but what the hell; in for a penny, in for a pound. She hesitates a moment, and then fo

A Mysterious Stranger...

A Mysterious Stranger...

A dark butterfly
Floats silently through the door,
A spider disguised?

Evie Gloom steps off the elevator, then drop a curtsy to the woman, "Welcome to the Hellfire, ma'am."

Mistress Doll Bathory maintained a dignified stance, one that had been courtly to the up most nature. A grim elegance is what could be perceived while staring at the cryptic beauty named Bathory. An ingest of the cigarette had been taken, and seconds later the air fumigated with dark thick smoke that leaked the cracks of those harsh lips. A long silence came about but would be broken when Bathory spoke, "Greetings my dear. Seems I've stumbled into the wrong building..." she said as her gaze had been settled on the women. Her words were soft, but never at any point of time promised an innocence from her.

Evie Gloom looks up at her, false key whirring in her back, occasionally catching ruby hair. She clutches her dollie as starry blue eyes focus on the dark one. After a pause, she flicks her tail, "My apologies.... May I offer you a drink, ma'am?"

Mistress Doll Bathory would occasionally dump the ashened residue of the cigarette onto the ground, it taking it's claim in a pile that had started to build slowly as the seconds went by. Her lids begin to slender, appearing as a serpent's gaze torwards the doll like figure before her. The interest would steeple her thoughts as Bathory would study her being. "Please dear, address me as Mistress Bathory. Ma'am over exposes my cursed nature of purloined youth..." the crept from her lips followed by a hushed giggle. A grim sound it surely was.

Evie Gloom's stub of a tail swished under her shorter skirt. Her horizontally slitted eyes follow the ash's fall, ears flickering, hoping she could clean it before Master Ricks sees. "Yes, Mistress Bathory." She understood little else.

Mistress Doll Bathory studied the rough set up of her appearance. A pallid delicate skin color which indefinitely contrasted Bathory's own pasty horrific shade. The Mistress Grim almost perceived a porcelain beauty before her eyes. A deep sigh finally came from her as she would slant her almond shape eyes in her direction. She began to speak with such a high formality of dialect and tone, firm and lucid enough for her to translate accurately "A cup of tea would do me well at this moment." she paused and began to brush a few strands of stark raven hair which had been covered in her visage, "But I'd like to have you over in my quaters, and serve it to you... How does that sound my little sweet?"

Evie Gloom blushes very faintly under her woolly coat. Her ears flickered at the speech, reminding her of her master. "Tea, ma'a... Mistress Bathory? I do not know if we have any... down here...." Her eyes were locked on the intriguing woman before her, "You, wish to... buy me?" she asked, cursing her own speech was no as fine.

Mistress Doll Bathory crossed her slender arms almost marking a frown into her expression, "What a shame... Well I've a tea appointment to catch darling I must retreat to my quaters." she paused once ago and would reflect a couple of blinks into the silence, "We'll be aquainted in the near future. I must take a leave now. Farewell."

Evie Gloom closed her mouth, blue orbs hinting at disappointment. She did wish to listen more to this woman, the woman who spoke like a poem. "Yes, Mistress Bathory, I do look forward to taking tea with you some day." She dropped another curtsy, doll clutched carefully in one grey hand.

Mistress Doll Bathory nodded and would glide her boney digits into the minature doll's red hair follow by a serene smile. The Mistress Grim then proceeded to exit the building slowly.

how to clean blush brush

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