How to clean a messy house - How to clean copper sink - Personal touch cleaning service.

How To Clean A Messy House

how to clean a messy house

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how to clean a messy house - The New

The New Messies Manual: The Procrastinator's Guide to Good Housekeeping

The New Messies Manual: The Procrastinator's Guide to Good Housekeeping

If you're tired of fighting an avalanche every time you open a closet or cabinet door... if you never answer the phone because you cant find it... if there's a "Cleanie" inside you whos striving to break free, The New Messies Manual can help you make chronic messiness a thing of the past!
After thirty-seven printings and over 300,000 copies sold, The Messies Manual is a proven best-seller. Now completely revised and updated, The New Messies Manual provides more foolproof strategies for overcoming messiness as our lives become busier and busier. Seven new chapters have been added.
A reformed Messie herself, Sandra Felton founded Messies Anonymous to help people improve their organizational skills. Combined sales of her Messies books now number over half a million. In this practical and perceptive book, Felton helps readers who swim in clutter every day learn the secrets of good housekeeping. This book was first published in 1981.

79% (9)

Home, bits and bites

Home, bits and bites

So.. a lot more personal this time.. this is my livingroom.. Its not quite what i want it to be yet, but it feels okay now.. and like home.. Tonight i felt so at ease here... i wanted to capture that moment and share it!! There is also a little exhibition bite in it.. have been printing some stuff today..just to see how the colours would turn out to be.. im happy :) with the result.. so i did them in a frame for my own collection ;-)! I am most at ease when everything is tidy ( i can be so messy tough!) and clean, when lavender oil is burning, candles are burning, christmas lights are on, my love is home, and so on.. I like nights better than days..Its more calm.. you dont "have" to do a lot..people go to bed and become quiet..and i seem to become more alive..because there is nothing to destract me anymore :), something that feels like heaven to me combined with the adhd/hsp..wonder if thats what makes me so tired at daytimes! Im wondering about your homes now :) .. Why do you feel at home there, what has to be there?? Curious! Nitenite for now

P.s.. working on my english..

TIptoe through my brains vomit

TIptoe through my brains vomit

what to pick, what to pick...

here's something I wrote a while back, more feelings... hopefully it goes along with the photo... if it doesn't I don't think it will cause many problems

Is it time to say sorry? I can't see the mildew quite yet, but I know it's growing. I'm doing my best at ignoring, and I hope, so are you. As soon as the water is about to overflow, then I'll start crying. I already miss you more than anyone in the world. We all have new exciting company that demands our attention. We are loved as people, and together too. True. I miss our own company. My best friend, the past and the future. But I hate to say if it wasn't for right now we wouldn't be learning. At least we both mutually miss each other. I'm sorry for nothing, I want to hear our laughs crawling around my house again. We gotta keep as far away as we can from this serious bussiness. We're not so serious, I love it.

how to clean a messy house

how to clean a messy house

Preschool Art: It's the Process, Not the Product

Over 200 activities encourage children to explore and understand their world through art experiences that emphasize the process of art, not the product. The first chapter introduces basic art activities appropriate for all children, while the subsequent chapters, which build on the basic activities in the first chapter, are divided by seasons. Activities are included for painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, and construction. Indexes organized by art medium and project name help teachers plan. 260 pages.

• Benjamin Franklin Award
• Early Childhood News Director’s Award
Preschool Art is a lifesaver . . . All the activities are easy, all are fun—the emphasis here is on the process, rather than specific results—and none require any elaborate materials . . . a real find.—Sesame Street Parents, "Picks for Parents"

"Preschool Art offers help to parents of preschoolers struggling to meet the challenge of their children’s creative impulses. Prodigies aside, most kids this age aren’t interested in the final product; they are into the doing of art . . . . There is no right or wrong way, only their way. Kohl understands. She explains how to make and use many kinds of art materials based on the concept that the process not the product, is important. From old standbys like play dough to new craft discoveries like liquid crayons and frozen balloons, she provides hundreds of ways to enjoy and explore the creative process."—MetroParent, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"Kohl offers 250 projects complete with materials, processes and illustrated variations. She also adds practical hints that troubleshoot anticipated problems. The recipes are valuable well beyond the preschool years."—SchoolArts

Other art books by MaryAnn Kohl:
The Big Messy Art Book (Gryphon House), 0-87659-206-X
Cooking Art (Gryphon House), 0-87659-184-5
Global Art (Gryphon House), 0-87659-190-X

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