Cleaning A Tile Floor. Carpet Cleaning Machine Review.

Cleaning A Tile Floor

cleaning a tile floor

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  • the act of making something clean; "he gave his shoes a good cleaning"

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Project 365 #247: 040911 A Night On The Tiles?

Project 365 #247: 040911 A Night On The Tiles?

Feel free to stick your oar in. We could use the input!

From the top of the stairs, we move to the foot of the stairs.

For all the time we've lived in the house the hallway has been carpeted. Beneath the carpet however, lies this majestic tiled floor.

It's a bit bashed in places and a couple of the tiles are loose, though none are missing so far.

It's beautiful and not very hard to clean. But it's also potentially slippy and cold.

What do you think? Do we move furniture and lift the carpet completely to assess the condition or place it back and forget about it?

Over to you. :)

10: Tile Floor

10: Tile Floor

This week, I will work on a project called "Deconstruction". My husband and I bought a house and it is currently in it's working stages. My aim is to capture the beauty of the rugged work we have left to do.

Tiles- My husband worked so hard on getting the flooring done. The guy that lived here before us was a mess and didn't take care of anything. Now, we are putting our own stamp on the house and very happy about it! Whenever I bend down to clean these floors and feel tired, I think, thank God for these floors we get to enjoy, and the energy He gave us to do them!

cleaning a tile floor

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