Oral B Precision Clean Replacement Brush Head 4 Ct. Cleaning This Gun Music Video.

Oral B Precision Clean Replacement Brush Head 4 Ct

oral b precision clean replacement brush head 4 ct

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    oral b
  • Oral-B is a brand name of toothbrush and other dental care products (such as dental floss) manufactured by Procter & Gamble who acquired Gillette in 2005. The brand also includes power toothbrushes and interdental products (such as irrigators and oral care centers).

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oral b precision clean replacement brush head 4 ct - Oral B

Oral B Floss Action 3 pack brush head refill

Oral B Floss Action 3 pack brush head refill

Oral-B FlossAction replacement electric toothbrush head features Micropulse bristles that penetrate deep between teeth to sweep away plaque and delivers a clinically superior clean vs. Oral-B Precision Clean

Discover the Oral-B® Difference
Choosing the right electric toothbrush can make a big difference in the health of your mouth. That's why 7 out of 10 hygienists use a power toothbrush themselves. The first modern electric toothbrush was inspired by the round shape of dentists' cleaning tools and was pioneered by Oral-B. This unique round shape surrounds each tooth for individual cleaning, resulting in an amazing, tooth-by-tooth clean that Oral-B round brush heads deliver. And because Oral-B toothbrushes are trusted by more dentists than any other brand worldwide, you can rest assured that Oral-B is a smart choice.

Our most advanced brush head Soft MicroPulse™ bristles provide a floss-like clean.* Oral-B® Floss Action™ *Does not replace flossing.

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Comparison chart
Which Oral-B is right for you? Oral-B Floass Action®, Oral-B Dual Clean, Oral-B Precision Clean, Oral-B Pro White, Oral-B Ortho Care, Oral-B Sensitive Clean, Oral-B Power Tip, OralB Pulsonic Plaque Removal - Gum Health - MicroPulse™ Bristles Clean Hard-To-Reach Areas - Dual Action Cleaning - Polishing Cup for Whitening - Extra Soft Bristles for Sensitive Teeth - Designed for Braces - Specially Designated to Clean Arouned Dental Work - Sonic

Take the 60 day challenge
Use this brush for 60 days and we guarantee that you, your dentist, and your hygienist will notice a difference.
If you are not 100% satisfied within 60 days of purchase, receive a full refund (full details inside pack).
"The first time I used it I was really impressed
because I felt like I had just come from
the dentist."
– Watch the video above to see all that Erica Repola had to say about her experience with FlossAction.

Change your brush
Dentists recommend a new brush every season.
Frequently Asked Questions
How often should I replace my brush head?
Dental professionals, as well as the American Dental Association, recommend replacing your toothbrush every three months, or earlier, if the bristles become spread out or frayed. When bristles are worn out, cleaning effectiveness decreases. We also recommend that you replace your toothbrush or electric toothbrush brush head any time you've been ill.
What's the difference between FlossAction and other Oral-B brush heads?
Each brush head focuses on a slightly different type of cleaning. The FlossAction brush head has MicroPulse Bristles that penetrate deep between teeth to sweep away plaque for a floss-like clean (does not replace flossing). Dual Clean features one brush head that rotates and another that moves side-to-side. Precision Clean is specially designed for precision cleaning. Pro White features a dentist-inspired polishing cup to remove surface stains. Sensitive Clean offers gentle, yet effective cleaning. Power Tip cleans between teeth, as well as around bridges, crowns and implants. For more information about the differences among the replacement heads, review the Comparison Chart above.
What brush handles are compatible with the FlossAction brush head?
The FlossAction replacement brush head works with Oral-B Triumph, Oral-B Smart Series, Oral-B Professional Care, Oral-B Vitality (except for Vitality Sonic) and Oral-B Pro-Health Power.

89% (13)

Braun Oral-B Triumph IQ 4000 Rechargeable Power Toothbrush

Braun Oral-B Triumph IQ 4000 Rechargeable Power Toothbrush

Braun Oral-B Triumph IQ 4000 Rechargeable Power Toothbrush

The only toothbrush to be approved by the British Dental Health Foundation using the most advanced 3D technology from Oral B which both pulstates, oscillates and rotates to break up plaque and sweep it away

Get a smile you can feel triumphant about. Achieve whiter teeth and healthier gums than you ever thought possible. Experience Oral-B Triumph – a triumph over ordinary brushing.

Naturally whiter teeth in just 21 days

The experts at Oral-B introduce the Triumph 4000 – with a handle display that tells you how long to brush and when to change the toothbrush head. It’s clinically proven to help improve your brushing habits.

What is Smart Technology?

Smart Technology is built into Oral-B Triumph brushheads and the handle to provide you with interactive feedback during brushing to help you brush your best everyday. The brush handle provides visual feedback, on the time taken to brush, and the pressure you are using to brush your teeth, but the brushhead itself provides an audio cue to these as well. A change in brushing occurs every 30 seconds to let you know how long you have been brushing, with a final alert at 2 minutes. The sound also changes to give you a warning signal, to let you know if you are brushing with too much pressure, in order to protect your gums.

Customized Brushing - Customize your brushing experience with 4 unique brushing modes. With the push of a button, choose the one that’s right for you. Daily Clean: Exceptional cleaning of teeth and gums. Sensitive Clean: Gentle, yet thorough cleaning for sensitive areas Polish Mode: Polishing and natural whitening of your teeth by removing stains Deep Clean Mode: For a dentist clean feeling

Visual Features:

Brushing Timer - Brushing Timer: Guides you to brush for the dentist recommended 2 minutes.

Quadrant Prompt - Quadrant Prompt: Prompts you after 30 seconds to change the quadrant and helps you to brush thoroughly across all 4 quadrants of your mouth.

Replace Brushhead - Dentists recommend you change your toothbrush every 3 months (brushing twice a day for 2 minutes). Triumph with SmartGuide memorises your absolute brushing time, and tells you when you should replace it, to ensure that you brush with an optimality performing toothbrush.

Why use a Rechargeable brush? * Over 75% of dentists now recommend using a rechargeable toothbrush * All Oral-B rechargeable toothbrushes are clinically proven to remove more plaque than a manual brush * Rechargeable toothbrushes help eliminate human error during brushing, which can lead to more serious gum problems * Oral-B 3D technology is clinically proven to remove 2x as much plaque than a manual brush * Oral-B is the number 1 most dentist recommended power toothbrush brand worldwide

the travel charger is smaller and more compact - The portable charger makes travelling easy

Innovative Attractive Design

You’ll enjoy the comfort and look of Oral-B Triumph. A unique, curved handle made of high-tech materials ensures a good grip and comfortable brushing. An easy-to-read digital display communicates key information clearly, including a charge indicator, LCD timer and quad indicator. The premium overall design ensures that you’ll like the way Oral-B triumph looks in your bathroom.

Convenient Charging and Storage

Oral-B Triumph offers convenience at home – and on the go. The innovative, dishwasher safe base station provides storage for up to 4 attachments, plus you have a travel case to store your brush when you’re on the go. A portable SmartPlug charger with a multi-voltage plug makes travelling with Oral-B Triumph easy and the SmartPlug charger can be attached to the base station to create a single storage and charging unit.

Innovative Brush Head Technology - Oral-B rechargeable toothbrushes can use any Oral-B brushhead (except sonic), and the Triumph comes with 3 innovative brushheads in the pack:

Oral-B Glides Into the 2010 Holiday Season with actress Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo and Oral-B® Glide™ Floss

Oral-B Glides Into the 2010 Holiday Season with actress Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo and Oral-B®  Glide™ Floss

In this photograph provided by Oral-B Glide– Actress Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo, star of “General Hospital” star, appears with Mario Godiva, fitness expert and April Le of Operation Smile. Marcil Giovinazzo partnered with Oral-B Glide to host the “Glide into the Holidays” event and free skate day today, at Wollman Rink in Central Park, New York, Thursday, November 12, 2010. Marcil Giovinazzo, in partnership with Oral-B Glide and Operation Smile, encouraged families to pledge not to forget their oral health this holiday season by switching to Glide, which slides easier in tight spaces compared to the leading floss.

Photo Credit: Victoria Will/AP Images for Oral-B Glide

oral b precision clean replacement brush head 4 ct

oral b precision clean replacement brush head 4 ct

Oral-B Pulsonic Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Experience Sonic technology in our slimmest form from Oral-B. This attractive electric toothbrush is slimmer than Sonicare Essence and designed to naturally whiten your teeth by gently polishing away surface stains. Plus, Oral-B Pulsonic removes more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush with a dynamic bristle cleaning action. You can even customize your routine to your unique needs with Clean and Sensitive brushing modes. The subtle two-minute timer helps you reach the dentist-recommended brushing time. With Oral-B Pulsonic, you’ll get all the benefits of today’s Sonic technology with Oral-B’s trusted satisfaction guarantee. Sonicare is a registered trademark of Philips Oral HealthCare Inc.

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